45+ Best Essential Magento Extensions

We’ve selected our top 45 esssential best premium Magento plugins download list.

One of the great things about Magento is the range of exciting extentions being developed by the online community.
Magento eCommerce is an open source website application for your eCommerce website.
Users prefer Magento due to its flexibility.
Here we have summarized some useful Magento plugins for you.
And remember that Magento Commerce is included free in all of our web hosting plans!

Leading provider of professional, high quality Magento extensions and reviews extension for Magento Store Supports Rich Snippets.

[UPDATED : 20 NOV 2013]

DHMENU – Mega Responsive And Sliding Menu for Magento Plugin

This is user-friendly, highly customizable, responsive mega menu Magento extension.
With this extension, your site has a beautiful mega menu , user friendly, responsive or create sliding your menu in mobile apps.


AJAX Cart By Xj Magento Extension

Ajax Cart is an extension that will help to add products to shopping cart directly from category and product page using AJAX. Customers would be able to add all product types like simple,configurable,bundled,etc from the category page also from Product Detail page.


Bulk Category Import/Export By XJ Magento Extension

Bulk Category Import/Export By XJ module allows you to import and export your categories and sub categories and related category data like meta descriptions / meta title / meta keywords as well as if the category is Active or is Anchor, category description and category image and thumbnail.


Advanced FAQ By XJ Magento Plugin

This extensions adds a new FAQ item to the CMS menu in the Admin Panel. This allows you to supply your customers with answers to frequent questions. However, this perception has been revamped with the Advanced FAQ Module.


Quick View Pro By XJ Magento Extension

Quick View by XJ enables the user to have quick look into the product without going to the product detail page. This makes the shopping process much faster and in turn proves an effective way to increase the sales. Quick View comes with an in-built zoom functionality for the product images.


Advanced Admin Report Magento Extension

Showing Total Customer, Recurring Customer, Analyze Sales Description, Customize Report by Date Criteria. By the use of this report, you can easily get total sales and your best selling products details.

The XJ Advanced Reports allows you to enhance the effectiveness of native Magento reports and creates a complete picture of your magento to store business position.


Gremlin Advanced Responsive Magento Reports Extension

Gremlin Advanced Reports for Magento lets you generate and download advanced reports on your computer, tablet or phone, so you can take your reporting on the go!


Social Media Connect Magento Extension

Xj Social Media Connect for Magento is a professional though free extension that allows your visitors to login and register with social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and Yahoo amongst others.
It increases your magento user registration rate by simplifying the registration process and provides permission-based social data retrieved from the social network profiles.
Social Login for magento integrates with your existing magento registration system so you and your users don’t have to start from scratch.


Multiple Wishlist Magento Extension

XJ Advance Newsletter extension allows you to enhance and add useful and practical features to Magento’s existing newsletter functionality. It allows user to subscribe various type of newsletters. It also provides to manage and create newsletter groups where you can also having the subscription to multiple groups.


Quick Quote Magento Extension

Quick Price Quote is a very light and easy to use Magento extension for price quote.

Adding a price quote option in your Magento store can increase your sales especially if you sell expensive products or product with a lot of custom options.

It will add an ‘GET QUOTE’ button near to the standard ‘BUY NOW’ button. When customers click on it a simple menu will open where the customer must enter just his/her name, email address and tel number.

You will automatically receive an email with customer and product details. From Magento backend you will be able to make a price offer to the customer for the asked product and product options. All you have to do is login in the backend, choose one of the quote inquiries, modify the price and click ‘SEND QUOTE’.


DH Social Login Magento Extension

The DH Social Login is module helps the user to login with their existing social networking sites like facebook, twitter, google and yahoo.


Sendy Newsletter Integration for Magento Extensions

Sendy is a self hosted email newsletter application that lets you send trackable emails via Amazon Simple Email Service (SES).

Improved Social Media Presentation Magento Extension

Modern customers like to share their favourite products with their social circles. Unfortunately, Magento doesn’t leverage the presentation possibilites offered by most social media websites. This extension closes that gap by integrating the Social Graph (Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus) and Twitter Card protocols into your Magento store.


Ajax Add to Cart with Amazing Favicon Notification Magento Plugin

Magento Extension : Ajax Add to Cart with Amazing Favicon Notification allows to add products to the shopping cart with nice favicon notification directly from the products listing and the product details pages without reloading page.


Customer Credit Limit Magento Plugin

With this extension you can set a credit limit for each customer. You can select which payment methods will be blocked for a customer once his total unpaid invoices exceed a certain limit. When this credit limit is reached for a particular customer, he won’t be able to use the specified payment methods anymore, protecting you from a large loss should that customer turn out to be a non-payer.


New Order Notification SMS/Text Message Magento Extension

Receive an instant notification by text message (SMS) every time a new order is placed with your Magento store.
This extension will automatically send a notification to an unlimited number of phone numbers after an order is placed with your store.


Rich Snippets Magento Extension

Rich snippets are microdata—HTML coded bits of information that make it easy for search engine crawlers to comprehend what searchers are inherently capable of inferring from your website without having to click through to the result.


Magento Customer Tracker Plugin


DH FDComment – Magento Extension

This magento extensition use Facebook or Disqus comment in product view page.


SmartCheckout – Magento Enhanced One Page Checkout

SmartCheckout is a One Page Checkout Extension for Magento powered E-Commerce Websites.


Magento Recommended Products

With this extension will help Maximize your sales.


Magento Gift Registry Extension

A Magento Gift Registry Extension is a powerful tool for boosting online sales and driving new customers to your store! This extension will easily allow customers to receive and give gifts all while sharing their gift registry to friends and family!


XJ Catalog Login Extension

XJ Catalog Login Extension allow customer to see catalog and product only if he/she has logged into site, else it will redirect to some user defined page.

You can hide your product price, description form general visitors, they can only view it after login to your website.


Advanced Newsletter Extension

XJ Advance Newsletter extension allows you to enhance and add useful and practical features to Magento’s existing newsletter functionality.
It allows user to subscribe various type of newsletters. It also provides to manage and create newsletter groups where you can also having the subscription to multiple groups.


2Customer – Magento Guest To Registered Customer

We know that Magento is the strongest E-commerce platform available today. However, sadly, the Customer Re-attainment rate is too low compared to other Popular E-commerce Softwares on the Web. This is a huge concern for the store owners who end up spending huge bucks to advertise their products and sell it to the people.


SmartCheckout – Magento Advanced One Page Checkout

SmartCheckout is a One Page Checkout Extension for Magento powered E-Commerce Websites.


bgStretcher Magento BG Image Resizer & Slideshow

bgStretcher (Background Stretcher) is a Magento Extension for stretching one or more images proportionally across an entire page or element. When multiple images are supplied, bgStretcher displays them in a configurable slideshow with advanced options. The plugin allows you to add a large image (or a set of images) to the background of your web page and will proportionally resize the image(s) to fill the entire window area.


Advanced Social Life Stream – Magento Extension

Social Life Stream makes it easy to pop your online activity everywhere in your magento website.


Magento Automatic Preload CSS Images

This extension provide simple function withe great benefit, avoid image hover first time blinking.

– Set Automatic/Manually preloaded images in skin/frontend/package/themename/images directory
– Set Manually preloaded images in Media directory


Magento Shopbot XML Product Feed Extension

This module allows you to export all your products as XML feed, compatible with the Shopbot XML feed format.
Try our live demo. Once the site loads add the text / shopbotfeed and hit the enter key.


Magento Login by Open ID

This extension allow buyers to log id & register with Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo & Paypal Account.


GalleryBox – Magento Lightbox Extension with Zoom

GalleryBox is a magento extension allow to show up the images gallery for product in a wonderful Lightbox.


Product FAQ Magento Extension

During our time developing Magento websites, we have found the frequently asked questions (FAQ) page a common request. This allows the shop owner to list the most frequent asked questions from their customers with the answers. However, over time – we have noticed customers have common FAQ’s for the products themselves. These product based questions shouldn’t go on the generic FAQ’s page as it will make the page far too big making it hard for the customer to find what they are looking for. The solution..

Here at Green Acorn, we have developed an easy to use Product FAQ Magento Extension. This will allow customers to view common FAQ’s based on the product they are viewing. If they don’t see what they are looking for, they can submit a question via a form which can be approved and answered by the admin.


Magento Fancy FAQ

It’s nice to provide nice FAQ. With this extension it is possible to create, organize and customize your Customer General Question easily.


Abi One Page Checkout

Abi One Page Checkout Extension helps customers to have checkout process much simpler and faster. It simplifies your magento store checkout process, by reducing the magento’s traditional six steps checkout process into one step.

By using AJAX, it provides a nice checkout experience for the customers and greatly increases your website sales.


Multi Line Discount Extension

This extension makes sure that the display in the shopping cart/checkout shows each price discount in a separate line. Morever it also visible in emails sent to the customer for order confirmation, invoice and credit note. Customers can see breakup of total discount offered in my account section as well.


Magento Store Extra Fees Extension

With The AP Rewrite Tag extension, make the url rewrite tag’s links more and more simple, attract your visitors’ attention by the friendly url link. Users can custom url syntax and remember the links in rewrite tags as well as the simple links.


The AP Rewrite Tag

With The AP Rewrite Tag extension, make the url rewrite tag’s links more and more simple, attract your visitors’ attention by the friendly url link. Users can custom url syntax and remember the links in rewrite tags as well as the simple links.


Magento Checkout Cart Drop Down Shipping Options Extension

Tired of the ugly shipping options radio buttons in your Magento’s Cart? Easily replace the old shipping options radio buttons in the Magento Cart with a drop down box.

Instead of the long list of radio buttons that show up after the customer has filled out the estimate shipping and tax costs, this extension will replace that list with a drop down box. This extension automatically updates the shipping costs when the customer selects their choice of shipping. Further more, the selected shipping method is passed into the checkout pages as well.


Quick Reorder Magento Extension

Ever wished there was an easier way for your customers to reorder previously purchased products from your store?

Want to increase your sales?

Now you can with our new Magento Quick Reorder Extension! This extension adds a new link in the customer’s account area that will allow them to quickly select any product(s) and qty that your customer has ordered in the last 30, 60, 90, 120, and even 180 days and add them back to their cart for checkout!


Fancy Testimonial Magento Extension

Fancy Testimonial Magento Extension is a nice addon for your Magento eCommerce Store to showcase your clients’ testimonials and feedbacks on your website page directly. You can display them on a nice list on your CMS page. You can also showcase them in a nicely fader for your website sidebar.


Shop By Brands

This module enables you to manage separate pages for brands presented in your store and link to them from product pages.

Merchant Benefits

This module filters brands represented in your shop, thus making easier to customers to find specific brand.


RSS Feed Reader – Magento Extension

It is a nice module for magento generate a RSS or Atom feed Highly customizable and easy to integrate.


Skip Billing & Shipping Information at Checkout

This extension provide express checkout.
This extension skip billing information & shipping information applied to registered customer/user who already has default billing & shipping infromation. Normal checkout applied to Guest checkout and New Customer.


Magento Meet Our People

It’s nice to display the members of your staff, team or working force. With this extension it is possible to create, organize and customize your magento team page easily.


Magento Power Map

This Extension Have Following Features:

  • Advance Customers Online Grid
  • Customers Online Map Locations
  • Offlines Store Directions
  • Print Store Directions


Xj AJAX Scroll Extension

Xj AJAX Scroll load your products on your category pages in a nice scrolling auto load manner. When you scroll down, it will load all pages automatically. This extension helps your customer for getting straight to the point by reducing the number of clicks before reaching out to the product details. It is surely improves your e-commerce website performance.

Xj AJAX Scroll Product loads your result lists via AJAX in catalog category pages, search result pages and advanced search pages. Your visitors see the new products appearing in the same page, simply by scrolling down on their browser window. This removes the frustration of always having to get to the next page to see next products, and helps you keeping your customers on your website!


Shipping Location Map Extension

n their orders. Our main motto of developing this extension is to provide customers a very user-friendly experience to find which store is closer to their home.
Shipping Location Map Extension is an awesome and extremely useful application to find out nearest stores based upon their automatically detected location by Google maps.
Its really simple to install in your magento.Lets have a look at simple installation steps that are to be followed to use this extension.


XJ Product Sticker Extension

XJ Product Sticker Extension makes your product noticeable i.e it gives and enhance visibility to your “New, Hot, Have special price Offer selling products ” and it attracts clients to get to know more about the product. In short, it would provide and extra support for your best selling product to promote more and more day by day giving a boost to your sales of that partiuclar product.

XJ Sticker extension has come up with many exciting features. The features are specially designed for easy administration and control. This user friendly interaction makes customers to visit your site again and again, thus providing more increase in the sales.With this extension, your store will display graphical NEW or SALE stickers on your product images, improving its impact on your customers!


Magento Popup Content with Floated Button

Display floated button with popup content, this extension have following features:
– Float Button to Left / Right
– Change Button Image
– Fancybox Popup Content


One Step Check extension for Magento

When you shop online and place an order, the difficulty that you may usually come across is going through the checkout process. Checking out process is generally the foremost difficult part of placing an order online, and plenty of users might end up dropping their order.

Some customers are motivated enough to buy in spite of however tough it is – however others are lost owing to checkout complexes.

One-step-checkout greatly simplifies this method, resulting in an on the spot increase in sales. This finest solution is thoroughly tested extension and offer great support if you run into problems and bring you the best possible check out the results.

Default magento check out is 5 steps process and we had made that in 1 screen using AJAX so it will help visitor to checkout comfortable.


Content Popup Product Page

Display different popup on each prooduct detail page, with delay popup function, you can display popup for:
– Advertising
– Text with Image
– Banners
– Promotions
– etc..


Magento Coupon Time

While developing Magento stores, we have found one of the most common request is Adding start time and end time function to Shopping Cart Price Rules Magento Feature.


Magento Running Text Special Product

This extension show your special product with cool running text above navigation bar. This running text bar will displayed on every page your magento store. With easy installation & configuration and full custom color your running text bar and will help increase your magento store.


Checkout Discount Code Magento Extension

During our time developing Magento websites, we have found one of the most common request is adding a coupon / discount code step to the Magento checkout. It only makes sense! After all, if a user forgets to add the coupon codein the basket – it is annoying having to go back to the basket page and start the whole checkout process again!

Here at Green Acorn, we have developed a Checkout Discount Code Magento Extension. This will allow customers to enter a coupon code in the checkout process.


Complete Power Of Change Carousel

Magento product carousel : Display(s) your product in a very awesome carousel style.


Magento Admin Catalog Product Filter

Magento Admin Catalog Product Filter is a Module for Magento Community Edition that help admin to filter better the products in Admin Catalog Product List based on Attributes.

The Category filter adn Attribute filter option allows you to filter products of particular category and attribute in Magento admin from the Catalog -> Manage Products Grid.


Magento Product Feed

This module generate Magento products feed in CSV file to use Magento products info externally. This csv file can be used by Google Base, Yahoo! Store, eBay, Facebook, PriceGrabber, Shopzilla, DealTime, Froogle, Kelkoo, Nextag, Shopping.com, ShopBot.ca, PriceCanada.com and many more…


Store Reviews

The Store Reviews extension is a customizable Magento store customers comments or reviews system.


Easy Responsive Slider

Dream responsive slider from arabgento for creating easy responsive slider and organize your group of image and show as slider with effect, you have one slider for multi platform desktop tablet and mobile.


ExtraWatch Live Stats and Counter PRO for Magento

Popular visitor live tracking component. ExtraWatch allows you to watch your joomla visitors live stats and bots in real-time from the administration back-end.

Especially their IP addresses, countries they come from, geographical location on a map, which pages they are viewing, their browser and operating system, it creates daily and all-time stats from these information plus unique, pageload and total hits statistics. Furthermore, you can block harmful IP addresses, see blocked attempts stats, evaluate the trend charts, and create goals based on many parameters. In the front-end, it displays the top countries, user and visit information for certain periods of time.

translations: brazilian portuguese, dutch, french, german, greek, russian, slovak, slovenian, spanish, swedish, czech, danish, lithuanian, polish italian, turkish, latvian, ukrainian, bulgarian.


CloudZoomy Roll Over to Zoom


Js gift coupon

The “Gift coupon” is a magento extension, that allows You to send discount codes via E-Mail for:

Signing up user in the store, Subscribing to the newsletter.

The system automatically sends an ambiguous discount code, that will be usable in the cart. The plug-in has different configurations that You can edit in Magento’s Administration panel:

Enable/Disable coupon code sending for newsletter subscription. Enable/Disable coupon code sending for shop signing up. Set coupon discount fixed value for newsletter subscription and shop registration. Customize E-Mail text for the coupon code. Enable/Disable coupon expiry date. Set valid coupon code dates. The “Template E-Mail Newsletter” function will allow You to edit the E-Mail text to automatically send when an user subscribes to the newsletter. The “Template E-Mail Registration” function will allow You to edit the E-Mail text to automatically send when an user subscribes to the Store.


Super Category External Links

Super Category External Links is an extension for Magento that allows you to to specify a category external url that links to an external site or static urls.
With this extension, category urls can be specified to an external/internal link.
This extension also allows you to open external links on a new tab or same window.


JS Fiscal Code for Magento

While registering for a new Magento account, this module will require to specify a “Tax code” field will be displayed.

The values inserted will be reported into purchase order invoices and anywhere the address related to a purchase order appears.


Fashion clothing closet Magento

This is a Magento eCommerce + jQuery extension to use your clothing products on virtual models.

With this extension your customers will be able to drag&drop clothes on a virtual model.

Using your Magento products, this plugin will create a virtual closet where you can try and combine your products on a virtual experience.


Order Info on Checkout Success Page

Super Order Success Page is a small extension for Magento that allows you to enhance the order success page for your customers.

With this extension, the order details like Billing Address, Shipping Address, Items Ordered, Payment and Shipping method are shown on the order successful screen. This extension also allows you to display custom HTML text/banners above and below the Order information on the order success page.


Advanced Layered Navigation for Magento CE

Layered navigation is one of most popular Magento features created in order to make shopping quick and easy.

Now you can improve your store navigation with additional great features !

Advanced Layered Navigation will help you use layered navigation on Home page and allow to use multiply attributes choice for more prices navigation.

Advanced Layered Navigation will help your customers to filter selections instantly, without waiting for a full page refresh.


Magento Customer Attributes Extension

For any shop owner, knowing your customers is key to a successful business.
90% of our Magento customers always ask for extra customer attributes within the registration forms i.e. the checkout registration and the customer account area.
Here at Green Acorn, we have developed an easy to use Magento Customer Attributes extension.
This will allow you to gather as much information as possible from your customers.
For example Where did you here about us?
The module allows you to add the custom attributes and manage within a grid via Magento admin.
You can also filter and sort by attribute name, type and code.


Send New Order Email to Admin

This Magento extension/ Module send new order email to admin with multiple features:

  • This module will send new order email to admin
  • Admin will be able to turn ON or OFF to send new order email to admin
  • Admin will be able to set email sender, New order template for logged in user, New order template for guest user and multiple email id s with comma separated.
  • Admin will be able send new order email to multiple email ids
  • Admin will be able set different email template from default Magento email template for new order email


EU Cookie Alert Magento Extension

EU Cookie Alert Module is the ultimate Magento cookie extension, which helps you comply with the EU Cookie Law. It’s easy to setup and it really blocks cookies unless they’re allowed to set. Blocked content is automatically replaced with placeholders, including an ‘Accept Cookies’ button. Visitors can change their preferences at any time via the cookie shortcut at the bottom of the page, which also shows their current preference. Cookie Alert Module works great on tablets and mobile phones.


jQuery WYSIWYG for Magento

Redactor JavaScript WYSIWYG editor for Magento

Redactor WYSIWYG editor for Magento is a javascript program that helps you to create word-processed texts in your Magento administration panel. Redactor uses the jQuery library and is much easier to use as the Magento build in TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor.


Amazon CloudFront Invalidation

Amazon CloudFront Purge Extension – for Magento

Amazon CloudFront is a service for delivering low latency web content like images, css and js files. A CDN speeds up a magento shop and helps to reduce the server processes by data transfer with a help of a content delivery network (CDN).

Streaming the static content of a Magento shop by CDN and deliver it to your visitors by Amazon CloudFront means, that the content comes over the global edge of Amazon locations to get the best possible performance. All content requests are automatically routed to the nearest location of a visitor, which helps to reduce the latency by transferring the data.

Best example: When a US customer visits a shop in the EU, he gets the content delivered by a CloudFront location in the US. If a static file of your Magento shop is not beeing delivered by Amazon’s CloudFront, it will be delivered from your web server. In the same moment this missing file will be automatically sent to the CloudFront, so the next user will serve this file by CDN .


Serp editor

What does the MGT SERP tool for Magento?

It’s for making sure on what is shown in Google search results.

This tool is for starting the SEO process and getting full control of the shown search results on Google & Co

A search engine results page (SERP) is the listing of web pages returned by a search engine in response to a keyword query. The results normally include a list of web pages with titles, a link to the page, and a short description showing where the keywords have matched content within the page. A SERP may refer to a single page of links returned or to the set of all links returned for a search query.


Print Order Confirmation/ Receipt as Guest User


Magento Developer Toolbar

Many professional developers all over the world use this extension to find possible performance bottlenecks.

You have an overview of the parse time, memory consumption and number of queries executed.

It also gives you information about the Controller, Module and Action which is responsible for the current request.

The advantage for frontend guys should also be mentioned, you get a complete overview how the blocks are rendered and which templates are used. This makes all block and template changes easier than ever before.

Give it a try, you will never ever work without this developer toolbar!


Magento Lazy Image Loader

There are many ways to improve the performance of your magento store. All shop owners will know that product images play an important part. However, there is one problem with this. The more images you have, the slower the site loads and utilizes more bandwidth.

A very good solution to this is to load your images on demand, or what is most commonly known as lazy loading.

Conclusion Lazy loading is a additional way to improve the page’s loading time and overall performance. You only need 1-2 minutes to install this module.


Delete magento orders

Magento by default does not allow you to delete orders. While this decision makes good sense, many users are still in need of this functionality to delete test orders.


Akismet Spam Killer for Magento

Magento spam killer without CAPTCHA!

We know it cost you a lot time to delete the daily received spam through the contact and product review form.

With our magento Akismet (Automattic Kismet (Akismet for short)) extension for magento no installation of CAPTHA is needed. A CAPTHA is not very user friendly and statics have shown that it can be cracked.

Also you must not install something difficult on your magento front-end like a CAPTHA . Here our ” Akismet spam prevention for magento” is the best solution to kill the spam. The smart code design of this extension reduce the size of your database entries and all spam messages are saved direct into a local text file.


Sold Out Extension For Magento

Well, this is a very useful extension, it display Sold out sticker at the product list page automatically when quantity release 0 its very good to show people that you’re store is working well.


Money Gram, Western Union Payment Method Extension

This payment method allows sender to enter money sent details. This is a versatile payment method for Money Gram Western Union or any other international payment transfer. This payment method allows sender to enter money sent details.

For security reasons, the person who sent the money (your customer) enters the Reference Number that is assigned by Money Gram, Amount Sent and Date Sent.

In Magento Admin >> Sales >> Order you can send a message to customer for their secret question and answer OR call them for it. This protects both parties.


Product Lightbox Image Gallery for Magento

Magento Colorbox Lightbox is the best and the most needed tool for all the Magento website owners. Magento out of the box doesn’t showcase your additional product images in a good manner. You would lose customers, if you stay with that. So, in order to enhance the user experience, you need a tool, which can showcase your images in a nice lightbox fashion and you can browse across your images in the same lightbox slideshow. Colorbox lightbox does exactly that. You need to watch the demo to see it working!


Pro Google Anaylitcs Tools for Magento

A very useful plugin that integrates Google Analytics code and statistics into your Magento admin and front end template. The plugin will display helpful statistics into the admin section and add the necessary Analytics code into your template. You can track social interactions on the website like facebook and twitter actions and the necessary code will be automatically inserted into the Magento template.


Horizontal Product Slider Magento Extension

With the Horizontal Product Slider extension you can showcase and drive more of your visitors’ attention to your best and most profitable products in your Magento web-store. Users can see the products in a nice sliding manner, add to cart right from there and proceed to checkout. As simple as that!


Connectgento jQuery PagePeel Extension

This extension is an update to our current PagePeel Extension. This version supports jQuery. It works with all browsers and includes some new features like, moving the pagepeel to the left of the page and to the bottom of the page.


MasterPass Master Password for Magento

MasterPass by Extendables

Add a master password to access any user accounts on the front-end. Enter the username and the MasterPass password to access any customer account. Useful in inspection, testing and debugging of customer front end accounts. This software makes it simple for you to access customer account front-end areas quickly and conveniently.


Single Sign-On For Magento And WordPress

In either scenario it is common that users will register to your site, whether it is in Magento when checking out – or even in WordPress to leave comments or view member-only sections. As both Magento and WordPress require registrations separately, it can be annoying or confusing for users – this is where my extension comes in.



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